We cover
your needs

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Our Features

Regardless of your needs, we deliver a first class experience for you.

Eco friendly cars

All our cars fullfill ECO friendly requirements and all our drivers are specifically educated to drive ECO friendly and safe.


We use the latest technology to make the hole chain, from pickup to drop off a first class experience.


Our staff are educated in the area of transportation and people with specific needs. Therefore we know our travellers needs.

On time

Even though we expect to be on time in more than 99.5%, we always notify our travellers if anything unexpected occurs.

Samtrans are specialised to perform, administer and coordinate transportation for people with specific needs. This makes it possible for us to fulfill the wishes, needs and demands our travellers, procurers, customers and authorities sets on this kind of service sector.

Samtrans offers safe transportation for people with specific needs. We are also a natural part of life at schools, work and carecenters. By availability, respect and engagement we are the choice when people with specific needs use transportation.